BYF i talk about things that may not apply/work for you, i have a very irregular posting schedule, i can be very vocal abt my opinions if i want toDFI homophobic, rude, racist, misogynistic, people who complain about everything, people who talk bad about kpop, people who take other people’s opinions

pjo universe, tam kaur, reading, netflix, singing, bharatnatym
darkness, bugs, loud noises, snakes, rude & homophobic people
most important !!!
olivia rodrigo
nico di angelo <3
ABBA queen
☆ going seventeen ☆

stan list txt, ive, le sserafim, new jeans, aespa, chase atlantic

fav books house of hades, the perks of being a wallflowerfav movies dead poets society, housefull 2, the devil wears pradaother fav stuff notion, the colour 'lavender blush', studying, editing, choco pie